Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today's Run

Today's half-marathon training run was glorious! Sunny and cool with the temps in 60's. I was especially inspired after talking earlier with fellow Achilles Guide, Jack M. and listened intently about his first guiding experience.

Jack was one of four guides for a blind runner competing in the NYC marathon a few years ago. With responsibilities that included getting more for his runner, Jack was 'double running'. Meaning that after he had to stop for the water he would than have to run to catch up to the rest of his team. Jack ran like this for 13 miles until his group took off and left him (not intentionally) and Jack ran the rest of the marathon alone and finished exhausted.

I'm looking forward to 'double running' with the Run With Heidi Team under the guidance of two professional coaches. And the best thing is, I won't have to do it alone.
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