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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Follow The Leader?

Who follows a leader who makes promises and doesn't keep them? No one, at least not for very long.

In his first week of office, President Obama has kept three of his campaign promises. How many past US Presidents can boast that? How many of your organizations' past or current leaders can list that on their resumes? Every employee wants a leader that they can trust to lead them through the jungle, someone they can count on to tell them the truth and say, "I don't know but I'll find out." Sometimes leaders have to make decisions that are not popular with their employees but if the leader has a successful track record of leading his/her troops through to see the light of day then his/her troops will follow.

The truth is what we all want to hear. Lately there has not been a lot of truth being said in the world of banking and finance and those industries are paying dearly not to mention you and I. So, tell the truth dear leaders. Share your success with the entire team. Keep your promises and if you have to break a promise tell your "troops" why. They just want to be kept in the loop. I promise that you do they will follow.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Coaching Session

Here's an opportunity to get help and guidance on achieving your dreams and goals: a free one-hour coaching consultation. Whether it be help with finding the job or career that's your calling, creating and delivering powerful presentations or how to manage and lead others, you'll get the results that you want and need. Learn how I can help you and email or call (+1 646-265-5009) me to register for a free one-hour coaching session.

Some areas for coaching are listed below:

Life and Career Change
Getting Beyond Resistance
Leading Difficult People Through Difficult Times
Balanced Mind, Body, Spirit
Getting in Physical Condition
Staying Committed
Goal Setting
Group Coaching
Small Business Start Up, Growth and Development
Stress Management
Releasing the Artist Within
Presentation Skills Coaching
Influencing and Negotiating
Starting an exercise plan
Creating a financial spending plan

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Are You Self-Actualized and Mature?

Are you a self-actualized and mature adult professional? If not, you may want to stop reading. This is a post about one question that every parent and manager needs to ask themselves: what are my intentions?

If your child comes home with a less than satisfactory report card, is it your intention to shame and blame them or to coach and develop them? You probably answered, coach and develop. If so, then what did you say to them when they sheepishly revealed their grades? Did you react with frustration by saying, how the heck did you manage these grades! Or, did you study?! Do these statements represent care, coaching and development or shame and blame?

Take the above scenario to the office when it comes time for employee performance
appraisal. Your employee who has been under performing is sitting across the desk from you as you peer down at his dossier. Your goal is to get his production levels up so, aptly you say, what are we going to do about this? Are your intentions to develop or to enhance your own ego by shaming and blaming? This is where self-actualization, maturity and professionalism come to play. If your ego is at peace and you are confident within yourself then shaming and blaming will not become a component of your conversation.

Parents, managers and leaders must lead by example - a really great example. So, before any interaction I always ask myself, "What are my intentions? Am I here to help and guide this person or do I want to humiliate, embarrass, or shame?" If, my goal is to coach and develop an employee who reports to me, I would ask a lot of questions when it comes time for his performance review. "What is your understanding of our performance agreement? Did I give you all the help that you asked for. Did I help you in the way that you needed? Are their circumstances here or at home that are preventing you from reaching your performance goals?" Of course, if your intention is to develop this employee, as that should be your objective and it is your job as a manager, then your language and tone will be one that reflects caring, understanding and helpfulness.

With the one-hundred plus management models available out there in the learning and development world none of them will be effective if you are not fully aware and honest about your intentions. To do this on a consistent basis takes maturity, discipline and knowledge of our true intentions.