Thursday, January 29, 2009

Follow The Leader?

Who follows a leader who makes promises and doesn't keep them? No one, at least not for very long.

In his first week of office, President Obama has kept three of his campaign promises. How many past US Presidents can boast that? How many of your organizations' past or current leaders can list that on their resumes? Every employee wants a leader that they can trust to lead them through the jungle, someone they can count on to tell them the truth and say, "I don't know but I'll find out." Sometimes leaders have to make decisions that are not popular with their employees but if the leader has a successful track record of leading his/her troops through to see the light of day then his/her troops will follow.

The truth is what we all want to hear. Lately there has not been a lot of truth being said in the world of banking and finance and those industries are paying dearly not to mention you and I. So, tell the truth dear leaders. Share your success with the entire team. Keep your promises and if you have to break a promise tell your "troops" why. They just want to be kept in the loop. I promise that you do they will follow.
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