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Monday, January 6, 2014

Suicide or Mass Murder?

Creative Brain Action

"I'd rather commit suicide or be a mass murderer." This statement came from a store clerk after I told him that I haven't owner a television for years. I urged him that if he had to make a choice to please choose suicide. 

Although, he would not seriously choose either option, I think it truly sad that he and others like him are so attached to their televisions. When I tell most people that I don't watch television they follow the same predictable line of questioning: "How can you survive without T.V.? What do you do? Don't you get bored? Where do you get your news from?" When I inform them that I occasionally stream films the look of horror on their faces doesn't change and after they've learned that I actually read books on paper the conversation ends. 

Where are all these T.V. zombies directing their creativity? What's happening to their brains? Why are they so afraid to be still? The store clerk told me that he'd actually "Go crazy" if he gave up his television. I once read that while sitting in his living room with the family surrounding him in complete science, Homer Simpson said referring to the T.V., "Quick! Turn something on I'm starting to think!" 

We're so afraid of thinking that we use television to stop all of our unwanted thoughts. I offer an alternative solution: face your thoughts, all of them. Sad, happy, worrisome, joyful, all. Watch what happens when you sit with them, breathe into them. Magic takes place and they disappear; clarity arises leaving you to come up with practical solutions instead of choices born out of anger, frustration, revenge or excitement. 

So, turn off the T.V., notice where you are and what you're doing - all the time. It's not that bad a place to be. You'll find yourself more satisfied, clear, peaceful and creative.