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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Laughing With You

Are you laughing at me? No, I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. 

Recently, I've been using laughter as a tool for coaching my life coaching clients who have been under extreme pressure. Many of them are so overwhelmed with stress that they are unable to see the trees that make up the forrest. When I ask what it would feel like to have all their stress relieved, their faces light up and their entire deportment relaxes. They smile, sigh and release a short chortle of a laugh. I respond in-kind and the chuckles roll into genuine laughter. The release of endorphins, the flowing of the blood the lightening of the mood, reduces their circumstances right down to its base: manageable situations.

Laughter truly is the best medicine when used properly and when you follow the prescription. I even recommend laughing before that important meeting or interview as laughter is a great stress reducer and has a wonderful way of reminding us what's truly important in life.

For laughter and stress management workshops as well as life and business coaching visit my Site and Stress-Less

Laugh with me now. It's free and anyone can do it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Whose Getting Your Bailout Tax Dollars

Want to know who is getting the $787 billion from the newly passed economic stimulus bill? Want to read the entire bill so you know what your talking about when you complain about your tax dollars? Whether you agree with the entire bill, some of it or none of it, you can access all the details via the following links:

Happy reading.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ways To Cut Your Expenses

There are many ways to cut back, cut down or cut out expenses. Below are some things that you too can do to save those oh so precious greenbacks:

- Trash pick what you need. I found two cane backed club chairs on the sidewalk while running one day. Someone stopped mid-way refinishing then so I painted them high gloss white and reupholster the seats using fabric we had laying around the house. The table/desk pictured below was stained dark brown which I stripped and finished with a clear poly gloss finish. The table is a two for one as it unfolds, swivels and turns into a dining table. I can't believe that someone threw this out!

-Rent movies from the library - they're free!
-Get your books from the library - they're free too
-Cut your own hair
-Polish your own shoes
-Quit the gym and walk, run, bike or scoot to the office
-Do your own manicure
-Make your own coffee
-Make your own meals from scratch. Anything mad from scratch is much cheaper!

-Bake your own bread. At 3.99 a loaf you could get 4 loaves by baking your own (Buttermilk bread loaves pictured below.)

-Make your own pizza or flat bread.

-Go to museums on free or discounted days
-Stop downloading music
-Duct tape anything that breaks
-Read books online (Google Books)
-Do your own wash
-Create a buying club to leverage discounts

Yes, I do all of the above so I do put my money where my pen writes. If you have more ideas to save, please share them.