Bruce Katlin Creates And The Running Artist

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Art of Thearpy?

Combining intense exercise and landscape painting to 
create peace and wellness. Yours truly quoted on last page 
of article:
"There are even examples of art therapy working outside 
scientific or even clinical studies. Artist and author 
Bruce Katlin had been searching for a 
solution to anxiety and depression for years when he says 
he came across something unique. “I found that by combining 
high-intensity, high-altitude trail running and landscape 
painting, my passion and pragmatic thinking became linked 
on a subconscious level, creating the perfect triple-decker 
sandwich of mind, body, and soul,” Katlin says. 
He claims creative performance and divergent thinking 
have been intertwined and even enhanced, but whatever 
spiritual or emotional dimension is involved, Katlin’s anxiety 
and depression levels have reduced dramatically.
That art changes the structure of the brain is beyond debate.
 We understand that human cultural and emotional artifacts 
do just that. The question is how well we can direct and 
measure it to provide responsible therapy that changes real 
people’s lives. The answer is now emerging, but it will take 
research, collaboration, and a whole lot of art supplies."

Read the entire article here.