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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Life Is Precious

Abolish the Death Penalty. Visit Arkansas.

I debated long and hard before creating and posting the above and following images. The reason being, I feel strongly about injustices being perpetrated by States' Legislators and governments as a whole but do not want to create more negativity. At the same time, like so many of us, I'm frustrated and want to create awareness using art and humor; humor based on the hypocrisy, stupidity and fear that many legislators and governments worldwide are basing their decisions and subsequent actions upon. 

End Discrimination. Visit Texas.

Fear is driving many decisions; fear of losing something we have or, something we want and won't get. In order to protect ourselves from the perceived fear we then need to place blame, blame on "others". ""They" are taking our jobs. ""They" are causing wars and committing crimes." ""They are what scares me most because "they" are so different from me."

End Discrimination. Visit North Carolina.

There's absolutely to wisdom involved when making important decisions based on fear. Of course, first you'd have to be aware that you're making fearful decisions and that takes a willingness to look deep inside. It's called self-actualization. How many lawmakers do you know that make decisions based on wisdom and not on fear, arrogance and stupidity. (I use the word "stupidity" not to suggest that lawmakers are stupid, but rather that they are not operating from a place of wisdom when making decisions that in general, do not support and help the needs of the citizen they represent.)

Instead of operating out of fear creating division, what would happen if we started from a point of understanding ourselves first, what we're truly afraid of and then question our thoughts, actions and behaviors? What would happen if lawmakers and governments around the world sincerely valued each and every life? What would happen if their decisions were based on courage, empathy and abundance? I know what would happen; we'd stopping harming and killing each other at such an alarming rate. We'd produce more life affirming goods and services based on understanding each other's needs, We'd use wisdom to make decisions that affect living beings instead of fear, self-centeredness and selfishness, and lastly, we could have real happiness.

There are very good, upright, caring, considerate, kind, and helpful people throughout this Country and around the world who just want to live in peace and be happy. We need to let our elected officials know that they need not be afraid, there's 'enough' for everyone; and that more money, power, and policies and laws based on discrimination will not create lasting happiness. 

Oh, what a world it would be. For now, make a difference. Start by taking a look at yourself, questions your motives and what they're based on. Fear begets fear which drives hatred and violence which, is good for no one. Tell your policy makers to take a breath and choose wisdom instead of fear. Considering supporting the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, the United Nations Human Rights Fund, and the Southern Poverty Law Center because life is precious.