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Monday, August 13, 2018

Why Stop?

You have come this far, why stop now? 

Many people get so close to achieving their dreams, goals and desires and stop short. Don't stop. Keep moving. Shoulder any any all of the responsibilities of achieving your goals and remember, no else is responsible for your happiness except you!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Never Give Up!

Never give up! The mind is a powerful tool. Use it for good! Set your intentions. Mark your target and go! When doubt or self-criticism kicks in, say to yourself, "Don't need it, get out of my way because I am getting to the top of that mountain!" No matter what you want, set your intentions and never, ever give up.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Today's 5 Minute Art Slice

"An Orange Field". Soft Pastels on Board

Join the 30 day creative challenge (time period is up to you) and create anything in five minutes or less. Post here or to your favorite platform using #5minsartslice

Science has proven that creativity is good for the brain. Create something!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Create Something In 5 Mins or Less

Join the 30 day creative challenge (time period is up to you) and create anything in five minutes or less. Post here or to your favorite platform using #5minsartslice

Science has proven that creativity is good for the brain. Create something!

Today's 5 Mins Art Slice. "Beards." Aluminum wire, button, Bighorn Sheep fur, canvas,

Saturday's July 28, 2018 5 Mins Art Slice. "Two Heads, One Kidney. Printer's ink on canvas."
Sunday's July 29, 2018 5 Mins Art Slice. "No Waste Materials Art."

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Five Minutes or Less Art

"Odd Man Out"

Two of this week's 5 mins art slice.  5 mins per day art challenge! Create anything in 5 mins or less for 30 days. Post using #5minsartslice 
"New Mexico Morning"

Monday, July 23, 2018

Saturday, July 21, 2018

5 Minutes Or Less Art Slice Challenge

Practice, practice practice. Challenge, challenge, challenge. 

Welcome to the Five Minutes or Less Art Challenge! Create anything in five minutes or less per day for thirty days and post to you social media platform of choice using #5minsartslice.

Have fun and use a timer.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Doors Kill Not Guns

Did you know that school doors have been the cause of hundreds of student deaths as they intermittently and unpredictably fall off their hinges shattering student's skulls? Architects and builders of schools have also witnessed exploding hinge screws that have penetrated and shattered flesh and bones. A sober Texas Governor Abbott and more than realistic Lt. Governor Patrick were shocked and surprised to learn of the deadly doors and were quoted as sayin, "Gee, we thought guns were the problem. Whew! Thank GOD, we almost missed the elephant in the room!""

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Want to Think More Creatively? Act Like A Child

To Think Divergently It's Critical to Think (And Play) Like A Child.
"How so?" You might ask. Have you ever taken notice of children riding a bus or a train? They're the ones with their faces pressed against the windows looking out in awe and wonderment at the world passing before their eyes. They're dreaming. Creating and innovating without any of the criticism that we adults have learned over the years. Criticism and self-doubt that at times stunts or prevents us from thinking divergently.
Kids know how to play. They have wonderful imaginations and if you're a parent, hopefully you are nourishing those imaginations. So, it makes sense that as adults when we 'play' the various parts of our brains associated with creativity come into (sorry for the pun) play.
Play can come in many forms and most involve some sort of body movement. Play is a form of exercise and when we exercise we effect how creativity works in the brain. There is a slew of conclusive evidence on the positive effects of exercise readily available for your review. I have my own evidence (non-empirical) for those of you who might be interested in learning about my personal experiences.
So if play is so important to divergent and creative thinking, why aren't we doing more of it in the workplace? If you live and work in North America most likely your work environment and work culture supports working long hours with infrequent breaks and very little 'play' time. Yes, a certain amount of pressure and stress are valuable when looking to innovate but too much causes paralysis and burnout. (See the Leadership Quarterly, Vol. 28, February 2017.) Americans work very hard but, how efficient, effective, and productive we are, is a question for another post. Playing, having fun does not mean that you are not working. Being childlike is very different than being childish.
So before you start your next meeting, try some simple play activities such as stretching, drawing on whiteboards, laughing, clapping, running in place or, better yet, whenever possible, take your meeting outside and walk, talk, and create solutions using your childlike sense of fun and adventure
I would love to hear your experiences, ideas, and approach to thinking creatively. Now, get back to work.