Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Art of Thearpy?

Combining intense exercise and landscape painting to 
create peace and wellness. Yours truly quoted on last page 
of article:
"There are even examples of art therapy working outside 
scientific or even clinical studies. Artist and author 
Bruce Katlin had been searching for a 
solution to anxiety and depression for years when he says 
he came across something unique. “I found that by combining 
high-intensity, high-altitude trail running and landscape 
painting, my passion and pragmatic thinking became linked 
on a subconscious level, creating the perfect triple-decker 
sandwich of mind, body, and soul,” Katlin says. 
He claims creative performance and divergent thinking 
have been intertwined and even enhanced, but whatever 
spiritual or emotional dimension is involved, Katlin’s anxiety 
and depression levels have reduced dramatically.
That art changes the structure of the brain is beyond debate.
 We understand that human cultural and emotional artifacts 
do just that. The question is how well we can direct and 
measure it to provide responsible therapy that changes real 
people’s lives. The answer is now emerging, but it will take 
research, collaboration, and a whole lot of art supplies."

Read the entire article here.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Will This Be The Year?

Will 2016 be THE Year?

Will 2016 be the year. The year where love, understanding and tolerance becomes the mainstay of every human being? 

Looking back at 2016 will historians note that it was the beginning of a new beginning where we, as a species demonstrated our higher intelligence by accepting everyone and killing no one? 

Could it possibly be the year where we stop reacting to our fears and start responding with acceptance and maybe even kindness to those we do not like, understand, and disagree with? Could it?

Imagine what our world could be if we shared. Shared our knowledge, shared our wealth, shared our strength and power. Oh, what a world. Together, we'd be prosperous, healthy, safe and at peace. Oh, what a world we could be.

Will 2016 be this kind of year?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Chaco Canyon, NM. Running To Paint

©2015 Bruce Katlin "Tunnel Vision" Oil on board.

From norther New Mexico I bring you Chaco Canyon. A stupendous, spectacular, wonderful and unexplainable place filled with energy, color, power and light. Click here to see the completed video of my run and paint excursion. Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions regarding packing, camping and painting at Chaco.

ps: the painting sold and prints are available here.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Massive-Mini: I Am

I frequently trail run and paint in the The Wheeler Peak Wilderness Area, near Taos, NM. The energy expanded running with a pack full of painting materials along with the concentration of painting in the mountains, creates a focused meditation that is non-pareil. 

Yesterday, I completed a painting from a session near Wheeler Peak which is pictured below. Titled, "Massive-Mini Me, A Self-Portrait," (oil on board, 48 x 24) was started during an 18 mile trail run with full pack and completed in the studio after a month of drying time. I hope that I effectively conveyed the power and massiveness that these northern New Mexico mountains emit. I do indeed feel "mini" whenever I'm in the midst of these geological wonders filled with spiritual power. The related video can be viewed on my YouTube Channel.

"Massive-Mini Me, A Self-Portrait" Oil on board 48x24

Trail run photograph
This past September I was a presenter at the Taos Pecha Kucha event (video will be made available soon) where I spoke about the power and transformative nature of trail running and painting. We all know that regular strenuous exercise boosts brain functions but, I also found that by combining intense activity with painting, that the components required for me to create: passion and pragmatic thinking, became linked on a subconscious level. 

En route from trail head
Up to the Peak

The combination of all this trail running and painting has led me to a feeling as if color is exploding from the inside out, and has provided me with much peace and wellness.

Pueblo Bonito
Recently, I spent three days in the incredible and inspiring Chaco Canyon. There, I wondered at the architecture, roadways and pottery that the Puebloan peoples who lived there from 850 to 1250 A.D. created. It is an area not to be missed. With so much to see and experience, three days was not nearly enough time and I barely squeezed in a run and paint session to Pueblo Alto
On the ridge below Pueblo Alto looking south. With blocked-in painting

I will be posting a three-part blog series about my experiences at Chaco Canyon including how to pack for a camping, trail running and painting along with the finished painting. Until then, see you on the trails and in the studio.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Near La Cal Basin, San de Cristo Mountains, Taos, NM

Another incredible day up and on the mountains. Met some wonderful future leaders from the United World College (UWC) http://www.uwc.org I wish I had that opportunity when I was their age. Video and sketches of the 16 mile journey to follow tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What's Your "Shake"?

Limitations may be the most unlikely of places to harness creativity, but perhaps one of the best ways to get ourselves out of ruts, rethink categories and challenge accepted norms. And instead of telling each other to seize the day, maybe we can remind ourselves every day to seize the limitation. - Phil Hansen

In artist Phil Hansen's wonderful TED Talk he speaks about and demonstrates how he learned to embrace at what first seemed like a limitation (an incurable shaking in his dominate hand) and later turned out to be extremely liberating.

I too have experienced something similar to Mr. Hansen and after watching his Talk I realized that the 'limitation' was a wonderful and life-changing experience; one that I am incredibly grateful for having and continues to provide growth and inspiration. 

"New York" Ink on Paper © 2014 Bruce Katlin

Have you too, experienced what once seemed to be limiting that turned out to be your best teacher or yielded incredible benefits? After watching the video can you see how you might embrace personal, team or organizational challenges? How can you use these challenges or limitations to grow, develop and prosper.

So, what's your "shake"?