Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Coaching Session

Here's an opportunity to get help and guidance on achieving your dreams and goals: a free one-hour coaching consultation. Whether it be help with finding the job or career that's your calling, creating and delivering powerful presentations or how to manage and lead others, you'll get the results that you want and need. Learn how I can help you and email or call (+1 646-265-5009) me to register for a free one-hour coaching session.

Some areas for coaching are listed below:

Life and Career Change
Getting Beyond Resistance
Leading Difficult People Through Difficult Times
Balanced Mind, Body, Spirit
Getting in Physical Condition
Staying Committed
Goal Setting
Group Coaching
Small Business Start Up, Growth and Development
Stress Management
Releasing the Artist Within
Presentation Skills Coaching
Influencing and Negotiating
Starting an exercise plan
Creating a financial spending plan

Looking forward to hearing from you.
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