Monday, May 18, 2009

Disabled Parking Now Available at the North Pole

Think you're cold and have trouble parking?

A disabled parking sign was raised at the North Pole on the 100th Anniversary of the first successful polar expedition. David Shannon became the first person in world history with quadriplegia and in a wheelchair to reach the Pole. Davis along with expedition co-leader, Chris Watkins, developed "Team Independence 09" to promote breaking barriers to accessibility and greater community inclusion.

I can't imagine what their journey was like but I am really in awe of their accomplishment. It's like they say, it's all in the mind.
This was not like taking the dog out for a walk on a blustery winter's morning. Mr. Shannon's spinal cord injury compromised his ability to maintain body heat. During the final push to get to the pole, body heat retention became a problem and was compounded by a significant infection, which caused increased susceptibility to the life threatening cold temperatures. Och!

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