Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Credit Crunch Help

As if we need to be reminded from both Presidential candidates, that we're living in very tough times...

Have you lost your job? Lost your direction? Lost your motivation? Help is here: Credit Crunch Coaching

Together,you and I will develop strategies and realistic plans to help you reach your personal and financial goals. I can help you set a budget where you won't feel like you're giving up too much and at the same time put money in the bank. If it is a new job/career that you are looking for we will work collaboratively to design an employment search plan that will provide you your desired results.

In the mean time here, are 11 tips that may be of help to you as you navigate through the financial crisis:
  1. Put it all in perspective - Yes, times are tough but compared to what? If you ate one meal today consider this: more than 840 million people in the world are malnourished — 799 million of them live in the developing world. If you have a roof over your head count your blessing because up to 100 million people are homeless worldwide, of which 20 million to 40 million are adrift in major urban centers.
  2. Stop worrying and be concerned instead - Worry will not fix anything. There's a big difference between worry and concern. Worry keeps you up at night, concern helps you make plans.
  3. Stop thinking so much - Thinking not planning is of not much use yo you when you are under stress. Put a gap in the unrelenting thoughts by meditating or exercising.
  4. Start counting your money - Keep a record of every transaction you make and at the end of the month look at areas where you can count your spending.
  5. Create a spending plan not a budget - Design a plan of how you want/need to spend your money and pay yourself first.
  6. You are resilient - Human beings are very resilient, tenacious and powerful. Don't under estimate your capabilities to not only survive but to prosper.
  7. Remember to laugh - Laughter is the best medicine and it really works plus it's free and anyone can do it.
  8. Talk with others - It helps to remember that you are not alone. The majority of us are in the same boat. Talk to others and share your thoughts and frustrations.
  9. Get creative - During every recession and even during the last Depression people made a lot of money. Host an "idea party". Create a consortium of like-minded people - two or even five heads are better than one.
  10. Keep it simple - This old phrase is so true. Simplify everything. Study after study has shown that money does not make people happy. It buys a bit more physical freedom yes but not happiness. Take a lesson form those giggling children you see playing - they don't need a lot of toys to create their own little world of happiness; they just keep it simple.
  11. Ask others for help - If not me ask someone to help you. It's a sign of strength to seek guidance and ask for help. The goal is interdependence.
Read what others have to say about their successful coaching experiences with me. All they had to do was take the initial step, say "yes" and ask for help.
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