Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stress-Less Holiday Strategies

Does the thought of the pending holidays cause your shoulders to ache and your stomach to turn? Aren't the holidays suppose to be a "joyous" time of year? Yes, they are but more often than not they leave us with more stress and less happiness.

This holiday season protect yourself with a plan of action to keep yourself and others' stress levels at a minimum with my Stress-Less Holiday Strategies.

For yourself, or as a gift for others, Stress-Less Holiday Strategies Options include:

  • Individual coaching sessions to manage holiday stress
  • A Holiday Stress-Less Plan for reducing stress and maximizing relationships
  • Tools and techniques to stay calm and relaxed
  • Learn how to say, "No"
  • Learn how to enjoy the holidays
  • Unlimited email with your coach
  • Two 'Emergency' stress calls in addition to your coaching session
Contact me to arrange your Stress-Less Holiday Strategies to ensure a happier holiday season.
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