Thursday, November 1, 2007

Camp Commitment

Welcome to Camp Commitment

Are you having trouble staying committed to the plans and goals that you set? Do you even have any plans or goals? Does the word prioritization frighten you? If so, help is here! Camp Commitment will help you stay committed to your goals by committing them to other commit
ted campers like yourself. Committing to another person or a group will help keep you focused and steadfast on completing your goals. A team working together towards the finish line is stronger than a single rower.

Camp Commitment works like this: groups of four to ten people will meet telephonically once per month for one to two hours depending upon the size of the group to set and plan individual goals. Acting as the group's coach, I will facilitate group meetings insuring that feedback and support is conducted in a safe and productive manner, as well as keeping the group on track insuring that we have productive sessions. I will also be available for unlimited email and if you desire, individual coaching outside of the group.

For more details and costs, please contact me.

Contact Information:

Telephone: +1 646 265 5009
Skype: katlinbr

I look forward to seeing you at the Camp.
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