Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How To Coach Yourself - Tip #1

Some years ago a coachee suggested that I offer tips on how to self-coach. "Bruce," she said. "In between our appoints and when I can't email or call you, I need helpful tips or reminders on the things we discussed. Won't you please consider creating a 'tips's sheet.'?" I thought this a great idea and I did just that for this client and others so, I thought it be helpful to others to provide these tips and more in a digital format. Yes, I too use these tips for self-coaching and have created two of my own businesses doing what I'm passionate about while helping others receiving benefits as well. 
Please feel free to send me your suggestions, topics or questions regarding a particular challenge, struggle or goal that you'd like help with and perhaps, I'll address it (with your anonymity insured) in a future video. I hope you find this video tip helpful. Look for another video tip everyday for the next 14 days.

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