Monday, August 24, 2015

How do you, Stop versus go? Create onward, ho!

The fine line of knowing when to put down the brush and when to add another stroke is a consistent question that I ponder regularly.

Section of "Mon Ami por Tu?" Oil On board. 32x14
The above image was the original completed painting that was to be included in a benefit show that took place yesterday, but two days before the event it just didn't look or feel right, so I picked up brushes and knives and in the immortal words of Jackie Gleason, "Away we go!"

The texture more accurately portrays the energy that I saw and experienced when I first went to the location. (NW side of Taos Pueblo.)

Section of "Mon Ami por Tu?" Oil On board. 32x14

Section of "Mon Ami por Tu?" Oil On board. 32x14

It was and still is very wet, but I took it to the show anyway where although it didn't sell, it received a lot of looks and compliments. Now that the energy of the show is fading, I can get back to two more pieces that I'm working on along with putting the finishing touches on two woodcarving/sculpture pieces.

"Sitting Shiva." Cedar/Spruce Woodcarving

"Two Faces of Hope." Cedar/Spruce Woodcarving

Create onward, ho! 

All images ©2014-15 Bruce Katlin

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