Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Watch Turns Three Thousand

It's a huge accomplishment for a watch; clocking over three thousand miles in a little over five hundred and thirty hours. Okay, the watch didn't have to do much work, just sit on my wrist as I cranked out the three thousand plus miles. Day-by-day the miles started to add up until Sunday when my Garmin Forerunner's digital face read 3025.78.

When started running (again) April 2007 I had no intentions of ever running seriously. That was until the running bug bite and the results started to show. Just like any new skill there was the normal levels of learning progression except, my body, mind and soul was the instrument for which the new skill inhabited. I took on the new (novice) learning with excitement and progressed rapidly (intermediate) which, last week turned into joy (advanced: experience using the new skill for a prolonged period of time). And I would gladly share this new found "joy" with and new learner.

With any new learning there are different ways that adults learn and subsequently develop. There are too many learning theories to list here. However, the three basics that must be present for all adults to learn are: (1) because it is important to them; (2) it must be practical: and (3) they need to 'try' out the new learning as in experiencing it for themselves and not be lectured too.

Running has enhanced my 'life' in countless ways especially with regards to discipline, creating a plans both short and long term; and being present and in each moment or step of the Journey. I am confident barring being run down by a reckless car driver that I'll be around to see my watch flip over the three thousand, ninety-nine mark to four thousand.
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