Monday, March 3, 2008

Warning: Do Not Overload

I read "Warning: Do Not Overload" every time I get into our apartment building's elevator. I must have read it hundreds of times over the nine years that I've lived in the building. Yesterday, for some reason the statement took on a different meaning. It reminded that we usually take on more than we can handle. Warning: Do Not Overload the Mind and Body is a good mantra for today's over anxious and over achieving world of ours.

When we overload mentally and physically we pay a price, usually in the form of illness. A cold develops and then lingers. Heartburn, headaches, sleeplessness and other symptoms of overload come unwanted. When the mind is upset, so too becomes the body and vice-versa. Make sure to stress-less by saying "no" whenever you can. Delegate responsibilities and tasks to others. Ask for help. The goal should be interdependence not independence.

Don't tempt the elevator's weight capacity. It might just crash from being overloaded.
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